A GPA can tell you who is a good student. The LPA can tell you who will be a good employee.

The LPA is available exclusively to students and graduates in the Laureate International Universities network, and our goal is for all undergraduates to take it when they start their program and before they graduate.

Many job interviewers ask potential employees about their strengths and weaknesses. The LPA gives job applicants data to answer those questions and to chart a path for professional development.

Everyone who takes the LPA receives a score report on a 1-10 scale for each of the 5 core workplace competencies and any additional competencies selected by their institution. The report also notes how their score compares on average with everyone else who has taken the LPA.

Most important: Every LPA score report offers practical, specific advice for improving each workplace competency. Everyone has room to improve and be an even more valuable member of a team.

Each institution also receives overall reports so that faculty can adapt their programs to improve how students gain and improve these important workplace competencies.