Workplace Competencies. Verified.

The LPA—Laureate Professional Assessment—helps identify potential employees who have the 5 workplace competencies employers value most.

Analyzing and Solving Problems

Adapting to Change

Working Well With Others

Achieving Objectives

Learning and Self-Development

Laureate Collaboration

How the LPA Works

Students complete the free LPA during their first and last terms or as a graduate.

Receive a report that shows how you scored for each competency and how that compares with others.

Get tips for self-improvement and professional development.

The 5 Core Workplace Competencies Employers Demand

See What Employers, Faculty, and Students Are Saying About the LPA

"For us, that's the sign of success. [The LPA is] the way we really know this person that joins the company is going to have a successful career with us." — Raul Suarez, LinkedIn Spain